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September 22, 2011

I'm Still Here!

I guess you all thought that I dropped off the face of the earth! Lol. Well I am still here and busy. I am sorry for the lack of posting this past little while, but we just got back not to long ago from vacation. And we are well into our second week of Homeschooling.

Yup! You read right! I am now a Homeschooling Mom! After much prayer and review of some of my son's struggles with math and language, we felt that this was the right move to make. To re-enforce skills and to expand on them is what our goals are for this year. I am excited to say that things are going amazingly well and that he is fairing greatly with his on-line Homeschooling. Yes, I oversee things and have to correct work but a big portion is done through an accredited program. I am so thankful for this and I truly appreciate all those Moms who really teach by using actual school books. These are the real Homeschoolers. My hubby reminds me that no matter how you teach an Homeschooler it is still teaching and a school at home. Thanks honey! Lol.

So I do have something to share with you and I trust that it is well worth the wait. Awhile back I did a card for Scraptacular Images and never did  post it here at Reliving Tomorrow. So I want to share it with you today. This card was inspired by Amy Wanford's beautiful creation.


 And here is a close-up to show how the shading is completed around the flowers giving the effect that they are hanging in a downward position. I used Tombo Markers and my Staedtler watercolour pencils.


I saw this card on CAS Study Challenge Blog and was floored by it's beauty. I know that mine is nothing compared to this image due to the fact that I do not have the same Craft's Meow stamps ( which I have actually dreamt about at night! Lol! No, honest! First when the release came out, I thought of them all the time! Played along with challenges to win them but no such luck!)  And Amy's work is to die for. I look at her work and just drool. It helps to have amazing stamps like these as well. But this was truly my inspiration for this card above.

My card had it's center coloured with blue and the image was pre-stamped and given to me by a friend. Otherwise I would have stamped it out several times myself and layered it over top of the circle like Amy did in the above picture. That was not happening,so I had to improvise instead! lol.

I so love that Amy lightly stamped a flower in the corner of her card front. And to be honest I didn't notice it until after the fact. It's okay because no one says that you have to Case a card exactly the same, right!  Thanks Amy for the inspiration.  Hugs.

Thanks for dropping bye today and hopefully you like the card that I made. My challenge is still going on and maybe extended if I don't get at least 10-12 players. So please jump in and play along. These Scrapling cards are so fun to make and quick too. If you would like to share about this challenge on your blog as well, it would be greatly appreciated. To see more ideas for Scraplings check here!

Okay it is beddy bye for me. Early morning again tomorrow. Trust that your all doing well and that your enjoying your first day of Autumn! 

Missed You All!


Barb said...

Beautiful card, Dana! Love your awesome coloring!

Jingle said...

These are so pretty!!!

Lisa said...

How many different ways can a person say WOW!! Incredible coloring- the blues are stunning!!

Brenda said...

Hi Dana! I take my hat off to you for homeschooling! My daughter started Kindergarten this year and she has homework every day, and believe you me, that is tough for me, there are tears most nights! So hats off to you for going the whole hog! You are super woman in my eyes! I totally love your beautiful card, my gosh, that coloring is just awesome! Tell me, is it ok to submit more than one scrapling? I really like making them.

Barb said...

gorgeous card Dana! My sister-in-law homeschools my niece and nephew and their whole family is happier for it. the curriculum is faith-based and my brother and his wife get to tailor it specific to each child. every friday is set aside for learning lifeskills like cooking, sewing, knitting, cleaning with natural products, woodworking, animal care, etc...kind of like home ec/shop classes. it's the hardest job out there, but the rewards will be that much sweeter because of it. enjoy this experience...i'm sure you'll love it! xo
God bless,

Aimes said...

Your card is so pretty, Dana! Love the beautiful shading on those flowers!
Thank you so much for your sweet words about my work and our CASE study challenges - you're so kind!

Clare said...

Gorgeous card, Dana! The coloring is amazing, and I love the little dots of white!
Way to go with the homeschooling! My Mom homeschooled/is homeschooling all nine of us, at least until high school (my brothers went to a private school for hs, but all us girls are homeschooled all the way ;))

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