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March 2, 2010

Soooo Excited!

Okay this is a quick post but I just had to share! So I was checking in with the gals at LCOM because they were having their SpringFling Crop. So I had already checked my email early Friday Morning and thought after I checked things out at LCOM, to check them again. So I did! I was floored!! I started crying and kept saying " I've been picked, I've been picked" Lol! My two guys looked at me like I was crazy! Hubby comes over to see what all the fuss was about and sees the email. It was from Canadian Scrapbooker! I had submitted some pages and was so excited to see that they had picked up one of my layouts so far, for their Summer Call! I had two automatic replies back for two layouts but nothing for the other three. Automatic replies mean they will not be chosen for that call. It doens't say that, but that is what it really means. So now I have heard back about one out of those three! And who knows! Maybe the other two might make it and maybe not. All I know is that this means a lot to me. I thank God first and formost for giving me the ablity to be creative and secondly for having the confidence to submit in the first place. Funny thing is that the layouts are from 2007 & 2008! Just goes to show that it isn't all about the new product, but about the style, the techniques used, and the layout presentation itself. It can be difficult sometimes to know what they are going for and it can be very dissappointing when you don't hear back from them. But they have a certain thing they are looking for, and what didn't make it this time, may make it next time. So to those of you who don't submit, do it! I finally listened to some of my friends and it paid off! Lol! I wasn't gonna say anything until I actually heard back from them saying they got my package, but I have been bursting at the seems and just couldn't keep it in any longer. Lol! Thanks for reading! This will be a memory for me to treasure for always and a reminder that what memories I created on paper yesterday, can still bring much joy to me tomorrow. Hope your having a great week. Sleep tight!!

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