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September 26, 2011

Scrapling Challenge - My First!! Join The Fun!!

This Post Will Remain At The Top Until Deadline!!! Scroll Down For Most Recent Post! Thanks

Have you ever found yourself with bags of scraps left over from your days of making layouts or cards? Have you ever planned on organizing it all into different colors and patterns?  Well I went out and bought special filing caddy and folders to do just that, but maybe what I needed to do was just make those scraps into something special. I recently found out from a friend of mine that you can make something that is called a “Scrapling”  This is the piece of paper that you normally would trim off your 8 ½ x 11 paper to make two cards. So instead of putting it in a bag to file or use later, why not make a card with it from the leftovers that you just used to make your scrapbooking page!  
Here is a sample of a Scrapling that I made using my Hero Arts stamps.

Card Recipe:
I just took 3 scraps of paper from my stash and cut them down to size, making sure that my white paper would fit on my gray cardstock. I took my white card stock and stamped flowers with H5481Classic Bloom/ Hero Arts stamp off to the side of what will be my front panel. I then took a piece of scratch paper and stamped the same flowers again. Then I cut them out to use later in my masking technique.
Masking is where you stamp an image, cut it out, and then place it over top of a previously stamped image to prevent other stamping or inking from going onto it. Hope that isn’t too complicated to understand!  
  1.  So in this case I stamped the flowers first on the white cardstock.
  2.  Then I took the cut out flowers of the same stamp and placed over top. Make sure to add adhesive so the mask won’t move. Reposition able adhesive is the best to use here because you want to remove the mask and not tear the paper beneath.
  3.  Once this was completed, I took my Ranger Blending Tool and Ranger Distress Ink of Broken Straw and blended right over top of the complete surface of the card.
  4.  Then the edges were blended with Storm Grey to deepen the outer edge.
  5.  Once done, I removed my flower masks and put them aside to use later. Once the mask was removed, I then took Tombo Markers # 553 & # 623 to color the flowers and to add shading. Flower centers were colored with #993 and shaded with # 905.  
  6.  Once coloring is completed the mask should be placed back onto the previous stamped flowers on your card panel.
  7.   Once this is done, the S4878 Old Letter Writing/Hero Arts Stamp is inked with Black StazOn and stamped over top.  Note: Now I didn’t mind the letter writing being on my flowers so I didn’t place my mask back onto my flowers, but you may wish to do so.
  8.  Now that your card front is completed, add ribbon of choice and some bling to the front. Adhere to gray cardstock and then to your scrap of black folded paper. Voila! You’ve made a Scrapling!                                            

Now that you have an idea of what to do to make these Scraplings, I would love to see what you can do!  So I challenge you to make a Scrapling or 2 yourself and upload it here to my blog. Consider this my first Blog Challenge.  All you have to do is add your link to this blog post and follow the instructions.  The prize for this Scrapling Challenge will be a Gift Certificate from Simon Says Store and some other scrapping goody. The more entries the better chances to win!  Please only submit cards made after todays' date. Deadline: Sept. 30, 2011.  Thanks so much.
Thanks for playing along and can't wait to see what you create!

September 22, 2011

I'm Still Here!

I guess you all thought that I dropped off the face of the earth! Lol. Well I am still here and busy. I am sorry for the lack of posting this past little while, but we just got back not to long ago from vacation. And we are well into our second week of Homeschooling.

Yup! You read right! I am now a Homeschooling Mom! After much prayer and review of some of my son's struggles with math and language, we felt that this was the right move to make. To re-enforce skills and to expand on them is what our goals are for this year. I am excited to say that things are going amazingly well and that he is fairing greatly with his on-line Homeschooling. Yes, I oversee things and have to correct work but a big portion is done through an accredited program. I am so thankful for this and I truly appreciate all those Moms who really teach by using actual school books. These are the real Homeschoolers. My hubby reminds me that no matter how you teach an Homeschooler it is still teaching and a school at home. Thanks honey! Lol.

So I do have something to share with you and I trust that it is well worth the wait. Awhile back I did a card for Scraptacular Images and never did  post it here at Reliving Tomorrow. So I want to share it with you today. This card was inspired by Amy Wanford's beautiful creation.


 And here is a close-up to show how the shading is completed around the flowers giving the effect that they are hanging in a downward position. I used Tombo Markers and my Staedtler watercolour pencils.


I saw this card on CAS Study Challenge Blog and was floored by it's beauty. I know that mine is nothing compared to this image due to the fact that I do not have the same Craft's Meow stamps ( which I have actually dreamt about at night! Lol! No, honest! First when the release came out, I thought of them all the time! Played along with challenges to win them but no such luck!)  And Amy's work is to die for. I look at her work and just drool. It helps to have amazing stamps like these as well. But this was truly my inspiration for this card above.

My card had it's center coloured with blue and the image was pre-stamped and given to me by a friend. Otherwise I would have stamped it out several times myself and layered it over top of the circle like Amy did in the above picture. That was not happening,so I had to improvise instead! lol.

I so love that Amy lightly stamped a flower in the corner of her card front. And to be honest I didn't notice it until after the fact. It's okay because no one says that you have to Case a card exactly the same, right!  Thanks Amy for the inspiration.  Hugs.

Thanks for dropping bye today and hopefully you like the card that I made. My challenge is still going on and maybe extended if I don't get at least 10-12 players. So please jump in and play along. These Scrapling cards are so fun to make and quick too. If you would like to share about this challenge on your blog as well, it would be greatly appreciated. To see more ideas for Scraplings check here!

Okay it is beddy bye for me. Early morning again tomorrow. Trust that your all doing well and that your enjoying your first day of Autumn! 

Missed You All!

September 11, 2011

Remembering 911

I know that today is a very sad day for so many people. That day 10 years ago is still itched in my memory and I wasn't even there. But I think that has the world watched we all had a piece of our hearts, our security, and dignity taken away from us. Knowing that this would only be something that we could see in a movie, and here it is, real and happening in front of us.

I remember wanting to go home for the summer with my then 3 year old child to visit my folks for the summer. My hubby was going away to London on business and I just wanted to leave our apartment and not be alone. I decided to go 3 days prior of the 911 attacks and I have thanked God many times that I made that choice. My hubby headed out the day before, so I thought I would leave early too. Little did we know that just 3 days later the world would be watching such a horrific event unfold and that it would touch our lives living here in Canada. With all that happened airports shut down, flights delayed, flights grounded and now while I look back on it all, I wonder how would I have dealt with all that ciaos. Not knowing what was wrong, wondering if someone on the flight was going to do something alarming. I don't know how I could have cooped with a 3 year old child, consoling him that everything was okay while uncertainty closed in all around me. We all know that the folks involved in the actual attacks were the worst victims here, but the effects of this day must have been great on all those who were still flying that day and think of those who were lost in the plane crashes.  With family living in the Bronx and not knowing where they were, we were gravely concerned.  To later be informed that all was okay and they were safe, was another reminder of all the phone calls that didn't end so happily. While my family and I watched in horror all I could do was cry and thank God for my safety, but pray constantly for the safety of those who were lost in those buildings. For God to make Himself real in this time of desperate need and for there to be some since of hope. Like our Pastor spoke this morning, America got Religion that day. No, not the do's and don'ts that we all associate church and religion with, but a knowing and understanding of an Almighty God who loves and cares for His people.

I have read some amazing stories of how God came near to the heart of man that day and have been truly inspired to hug a little longer, to laugh a little louder, encourage until you have no more words to say, and to love a little deeper.

To all those touched bye that horrific day, my hearts go out to you. So many lives lost and so many hurts remain. I pray that God will encompass you. That He will fill you with a knowing that you are His, and that in Him you can place your trust for each tomorrow. That fear will be no more and that you can walk in the light of His Love, knowing that he works all things for your good. Romans 8:28

I just wanted to share this video with you to encourage and to remind you that there can be hope in the remembering. And with hope comes strength for a better, brighter tomorrow!

Please turn on your volumn. Thanks.

In my thoughts & prayers always!

September 6, 2011

BLOG CANDY WINNERS!! Finally!! Right!

Hi Everyone:
I trust that today's post finds you in good spirits, health and with wonderful summer memories. Can you believe that it is all over. Well the calendar says otherwise but school, and work dedicate something different. Yes, it is that time again! 

We just got back from vacation late Saturday night. Sunday was spent getting over the travel that went along with our return home. But that wasn't the only thing that went along with it. We were happy to be here in our little abode again, but we soooo missed the people we just left behind.  That is why we have been so blessed with many great memories and most of all wonderful pics. I will see if I can come up with some to share with you later. Ones that I am not on though! Lol. Can't stand getting my pic taken! Lol.

Then yesterday we had the power gone all day and it never came back on until around 6 a.m this morning. There were 20, 000 people without power and we were included in that great number. I say all of this to say that these are the things that kept me from picking the winners of my Blog Candy on Sept.4th.

Without further ado, the winners of my 2 Blog Candy give-aways are the following people:

The winner of this Blog Candy is Carla!! Yay!!

The winner of this Blog Candy is Judy123! Yay!

If both ladies would be so kind as to be in touch with me regarding your address that would be awesome. I will get your things out to you in the mail asap!  Thanks to all of those who played along and became followers. I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I feel that you appreciate my work and find it inspirational enough to come back each day. It really means so much and I am ever grateful.

Back with more cards, and even some scrapbooking layouts this week. Hope your having a fun week and enjoying the last days of summer. 

Until next time!
Hugs & Blessings

September 4, 2011

My Lily Pad Blog Candy!

This post will remain at the top until I have over 100 followers. Be sure to let me know that you are a new follower, or shared this on your blog. My previous followers can try out for this prize too. Just share it on your blog as a post or in your sidebar. Easy Peasy!  So please let me know okay what you did. It makes it easier to draw for a winner that way! Thanks so much.

Blog Candy Give-Away!

Blog Candy Contents:

Me & My Big Idea Love of My Life Album Kit W/Bling & Chipboard Embellies.
Also included, 3 spools of American Craft ribbon ( 4ft each) Pink, Purple, Teal
Purple Fiber String, Pink & White Lace, Purple Flowers ( Not sure of Company)
Pastal Colour Brads & Clips, Bakers Twine, Creative Memories Love Stickers

I would really appreciate it if you could post TO  YOUR blog sidebar linking it back to my blog. Though I am not on FaceBook or Twitter, you can share it there too if you like. If you could become a follower that would be super! Thanks so much for your support. It really does mean so much!

Also, don't forget that there is My Mind's Eye Blog Candy being given away also. It is beautiful and it was a kit similar to this one that I used to make this card.

Check It Out & Sign Up To Follow Today!
This kit is beautiful and can be used for some amazing page layouts or cards. Why not check out My Mind's Eye new releases that were just revealed at CHA. I am drooling everytime I look at each new line. I love these new papers so much because they really can be used for boy scrapbooking, which I find so difficult to find. Some folks are okay with using flowery paper on boy layouts, but not me! I tried to sneak some peach into a layout before and he wasn't very happy with me!  Nothing but video games, bow & arrows and hockey for this boy!! Lol. So I try to keep him happy! These are my favorites.

Check It Out On Their Blog For Closer Look!
And this one too!

Check It Out For A Closer View

The Christmas one is to die for! Just gorgeous! I am suppose to not purchase any more supplies for a while, but I will have to see what I can do to twist my hubby's arm to get these.

Check It Out!

Okay I better get to bed! I trust your all doing great and taking loads of pics for your very own layouts.
Thanks for being here and visiting with me today!

Sweet Dreams

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