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November 26, 2009

Blog Renovation

Okay, so for those of you who are following me, you have figured out that things are changing here at Reliving Tomorrow! It is still a work in progress! There are many things to add and move around, but I did want to add that Dec. 16th is my birthday! Yep, another one is coming up real soon. So to celebrate that day, I will be putting up some blog candy for someone to win! I will post the picture on that day and draw the winner Jan.03. So be sure to check back for more information on this giveway.

With Christmas being around the corner and mostly everyone trying to pinch pennies, a great way to give a gift is to make one. I love home-made gifts and I love to make them even more. Here is a picture of some of the gifts that I am making for school teachers. Not to expensive and yet a cool gift. Using a note pad, scrapbooking papers and ribbons makes this gift a must for any teacher. Lots of us have cards wither store- bought or home-made, but no where to store them. So I thought making a card tin would be a great idea. Below there is a picture of two tins that I altered. I actually took a "Jet Dry" can and altered it. The other one was bought at Michael's . These were teacher gifts as well, but you can use them for anything. Birthdays, Wedding Showers, Christmas, or even House Warmings.

I hope that I have provided you with some inspiration for some great Gift Making this Holiday Season. For product list and instructions please email me and I will be happy to help. That's all for now. More things to share later in the week. Remember that tomorrow is another opportunity to live your yesterday over, but even better!
God Bless!

November 25, 2009

Can You Believe It!

Christmas is just around the corner! I need to do so much and I don't really know where to start. I guess a good place to start is mailing out cards to family and friends. Got the school pictures back so I guess I better start! Lol!

This wonderful season gives crafters and cardmakers alike an excuse, or opportunity to make some beautiful creations to share. The ladies at LCOM had that same sentiment in mind when they took on this week's challenge and brought about some amazing Christmas Cards & Tags. Be sure to check it out here! This is the card and tag that I made for this weeks challenge.

I wanted to do a Country Style Card and I didn't know what to use to make it look that way. So I used some leftover curtain material that I had laying around. Still got loads of it around if you want some! Just kidding! But I do have a lot! Lol!

I also made some cards a while back and I want to share them with you. I have never made a Gate Fold Card, but being in love with Beate John's version made me want to try. I love her stuff! She is amazing. She does wonderful tutorials for SplitCoastStampers. A place that I love to check out. Her creations using Spellbinders Nestiblities blows me away.

I love her work along with Jennifer McQuire. Another one of my favorite people. She actually contacts friends that she has made in the blogging/on-line world and the funny thing, is that she is just as nice in person( will, in talking back through emails) as she is in her blogs. I think one of the things I love so much about her, is her love for God, for who He is and His Son, Jesus Christ. Her kindness and concern for others is astounding. She recently did 2 card drives for sick kids and is working on another. Her capacity to care so much without anything in return amazes me. For those of you who want to know more about these amazing ladies check out their links bye clicking on their name or go to the sidebar. Okay so here are the cards!

And the last one is :

I guess that about wraps it up for tonight. I would encourage you all to play along over at LCOM and make sure to upload your card over there with a link to your creation. Thanks for hangin out with me for a few minutes. Just remember that has you get ready for Christmas, think about how Christmas use to be, simple but enjoyable. Maybe remembering somthing from Christmas past will help you live this one with more meaning and enjoyment. Have a great week everyone!

November 17, 2009

New Challenge Is Up!

We all know that death isn't a great experience. We all would rather live and enjoy the time God has given us. But sometimes for reasons we don't always understand, He calls some of us home to be with Him. For these times of sadness, comforting family or friends can be tough because sometimes you've done all that you know to do. Still you feel the need to do more. We all do because we love our families and friends so much. But sometimes the thought of making a handmade card with a real heart felt note, can really be that something that someone needed for that day. To left their spirits and to help someone through this difficult time is so important because we don't know when we will need to feel the love and support in return.

There are some ladies at LCOM who had the challenge of making these types of cards and they did another outstanding job. These cards will be a blessing to those who recieve them and maybe just another reminder that though miles may come between us, the road to friendship is never long. Here is my card for the Card Design Team Challenge.

Just want to take this time to ask those of you who follow me here, to say a special prayer for a friend who's family member is gravely ill. Cancer is the culprit and things are not looking good. I love this friend and know that she is going through a tough time. So when you kneel in prayer tonight, or take time to do your quiet time along with God, please lift this lady and her family in prayer. Please ask for strength and healing. Thanks so much for your prayers and concerns in this matter. Prayer is a powerful tool for those who believe. No one knows what tomorrow brings, so lets all try to live today like it is our last.
Prayers & Blessings

November 10, 2009

Remembrance Day Tribute

This week is a very important time around the world has so many of us celebrate and honour the lives of those men and women who have fought during both World Wars, and for those of us from Newfoundland, Beaumont Hamel, and Vimey Ridge. Also for those who have been on Peace Keeping Missions, to Afghanistan, and in other countries abroad. There are others I am sure, and please forgive me for not listing them all, but my respect is for everyone who has played a part in war. To all of us paying Tribute this Remembrance Day, or to our American friends - Veteran's Day, we take this time to say "Thank You" for paying the price and standing in the gap to
provide many with freedom and security. To know that there will be numerous people shedding tears of sorrow for someone they lost in the war wither that be family, friend or even foe, is a heart breaking thing to think about. None the less, we shall Always Remember!

My prayers are with you all has you go about your daily duties and especially for those who may be deployed at any moment. May God's angels take charge over you and keep you out of harm's way. To the families left behind. I pray for you God's strength and mercy has you try your best to keep things together and make things so normal has can be for your families. You are my Heroes too!

Please check out the sidebar here to view some amazing footage of days gone bye and some not to long ago. Be ready to shed a tear or two. Really listen to these two songs. They are so powerful and true. They are indeed a great tribute to our military men and women.

I wanted to take this time to say a Big Thank You to my own family members who have been on several missions. Some just returning from Afganstan and others who are in the Reserves and getting ready to join the military later. They are more brave than what I could ever be and for this bravery I am honoured to call them my family. Below are a few photos of these great people. My brother-law has been in the Canadian Military for over 20 plus years and now is son and son-inlaw are following in his footsteps. Also my twin neice and nephew are in the Reserves and are in training for future military endevours.

Thanks so much for dropping bye. Your visit here is appreciated. Just want to encourage you this week to hug someone a little tighter, kiss someone a little longer. And always remember that a frown is a smile turned upside down. So keep smiling!
Love & Prayers Always

November 9, 2009

Card Design Team Call & This Weeks's Challenge

Hi Everyone:
The card challenge for this week is up over at LCOM and Roberta has given us another great one to use. The card below is the one that I created for this challenge. It was fun using older products which helped to remind me how I started on this journey and how I have grown. Thanks Roberta!
Also the girls on our Sketch Design Team are now doing a blog hop to introduce our new team. Check it out here and make sure to play along and have some fun. You may even get some pages completed! Also we are looking for new Design Team Members for our Card Team. See below for all of the details. To view, please click image. Thanks. Hope your all having fun getting projects completed.
Have a great week eveyone! And thanks for looking.


November 8, 2009

I Haven't Forgotten About You!

It has been a long time since I have posted here or elsewhere. Today is a better day for me and so I thought that I would put up a new post and to share some things with you.

First I want you all to know what is going on over at LCOM . I was meaning to put this up last week but had blogger problems. Now that my sweet husband has saved me again, I want you all to see my challenge. The ladies over there did an amazing job paying tribute to the many great men and women whom we call our military. Having family members in the military made me want to challenge everyone to show their respect and gratitude to those who provide us with our freedom on a daily basis. What better way to do this then in a "Thank You" card to these great people. The ladies at Let's Capture Our Memories made beautiful cards for this challenge. Please check it out here and this is the card that I did for the challeneg. Just because we are into a new week over there, doesn't mean that you still can't do this challenge, because you can! Just leave a link here with your comment so I can see what you came up with. Also, your name will be added to the list for a draw for a RAK. Thanks for playing along.

My Card

Thanks for dropping bye! Be sure to come back again!
Hugs & Blessings


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