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April 23, 2010

So Slow!

I have been meaning to post for about a week or so but to no avail! Whenever I planned to do just that, something would happen and then I wouldn't have the time or when I remembered, it would be to late at night to post. So here I am sticking to my guns and getting it done! Lol

It has been a long time since I have done much card making and even longer for scrapbooking, but lately I am feeling much better and thought that I would make some cards. I haven't been checking in with the gals at LCOM for such a long time, but this past week I popped in to see what all the news was over there. I was happy to find that they had a contest being hosted bye the well-known Canadian Scrapbooker and Sketch Artist Allison Cope. She had challenged us to create a card using an image that was coloured. I was so happy to find out that she picked three of the participants to be winners. And I was one of them. She is so generous and her sketches are amazing. I hope to link to her site and some other fab sketch artists in the next few days, as I am adding more content to this blog. Make sure to checkout the Monday card challenges over there because they do have some great ones.

Making this card was so much fun. I haven't coloured my cards before and this was an interesting activity. It reminded me of my school days. I always loved colouring and if I was ever bored, you could always find me with crayons and a colouring book or note pad.

I was so encouraged to give this a go after getting many tips from my amazing and wonderful friend Dorcas. I have asked her so many questions about watercolours and all the things that go along with colouring images, especially digitals. Digitals can be tricky because you have to use the right kind of printer ink and paper or the whole thing will be messy. So thanks to her I rolled up my sleeves and gave this a whirl and I must say that I am happy with the results. I used the ever famous Mo Manning Design She has so much to choose from. You could go broke in a split second in her digi shop! Lol! Anyway here it is!

I am not overly excited about how the sentiment came out and I might change it later but overall I am pleased with it! This was so much fun and very therapeutic! And also I wanted to share that the gals over at Sweet & Sassy also had a challenge last week that was a biggie for me. You see I don't do well with the colour purple and they did a challenge based on that colour along with green. So because I am so slow these days I did combine this challenge with the one over at Hero Arts. They are having a contest that last all month long and you have two chances to enter. So I posted in my HA group thinking that it really wasn't something that I could submit for the contest. I was so happy to hear from my friend Virginia who encouraged me to tag it and submit it for the Digital Kit Contest. So we will see what happens. Lol! If I win I will be shocked. There are so many amazing and talented ladies in our Hero Arts Flickr group that some are very hard to contend with! Lol! I really like going there to be inspired, but some freebies from time to time would be great too! Lol! So here is the card that I combined for both of these challenges.

And a side view of butterfly with all of it's glitter and bling.

Make sure to check out the Hero Arts store to see all of their stamps and digi kits. I will be dropping back in the next day or so to share some pics of some raks that I have recieved. I was suppose to share this a long time ago and didn't get around to it. Just like the rak I was suppose to draw for here, on this blog. I haven't forgotten! I just need to pull all of my prizes together and take a pic and post.

I will do that soon too! I know that this was a long post. Sorry! So I am going to try to have shorter post and post more often! For those of you who know me, your having a good chuckle right about now! Lol! go ahead .... laugh! Lol!

Thanks for dropping bye! Remember - A memory is only that, if you store it in a safe place! Not your head, but your heart!

Love & Prayers


Dorcas said...

Dana your mo manning design is FANTASTIC!!! It came out REALLY REALLY nice. I hope you're very proud of it cos you should be. I hadn't seen that digi before and now I want it! LOL I am surprised that you said you hadn't colored your card images before cos it looks like you have experience. (like more than coloring book experience LOL). Really great job!
LOve, Dorcas

Virginia L. said...

My first time visit to your lovely blog, Dana! I adore the butterfly card that you made for the HA challenges. Yes, there are a ton of talent in that Flickr group. So to win is almost to get lightening struck (at least to me-lol). Just keep at it, I think it's a matter of time that you will win. Hugs to you, my friend!!

Cindy said...

Beautiful cards, Dana...so nice to see you back to blogging God Bless!! Cindy

Diana said...

WOW, lovely cards. Just stunning. Thanks for sharing and Happy Monday in May!

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