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January 3, 2011

Blog Candy Give-Away!

Celebrating my hubby's birthday was a busy one. With church in the morning, lunch at a local restaurant, and then cooking one of his favorites for supper, it was a happy but crazy day! But I love him so much I would do it all over again.  After supper, we chatted via webcam to the in-laws for a couple of hours - time flew before I realized how late it was.  So please forgive me for posting late.

In honor of celebrating my birthday on December 16th, I am giving away some blog candy. Yup! I am two years away from 40. So scary! Lol!

The blog candy is an American Crafts 8" x 8" Blue Skies Album Kit (product No. 91357). I tried to find a photo or link to the product on the American Crafts website but no luck.  So here are two pics showing the album kit contents.


So what you have to do to win?  Okay so here is the fun fun drill! First, you have to be a Follower of my blog, but here is the fun part - not that following my blog is not a lot of fun - right? I would love for you to share a lasting memory from the Holiday Season (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc.) of 2010 or earlier. You can share the story in the comments section of my blog. If you include a picture of the memorable moment I will give you an additional two (2) entries in the contest.   When sharing a photo, please be sure to include a link to the photo on your blog or photo sharing site so everyone can share in your memory.  Isn't that what it is all about - capturing and sharing memorable moments for now and tomorrow!!

The contest winner will be chosen through a random draw.  The more entries in the contest the better your chances of winning.  The way to gather entries into the contest are as follows: 

  • One (1) entry for becoming a follower;
  • One (1) entry for sharing a memorable moment on your blog;
  • Two (2) entries for sharing a story accompanied by a Holiday picture of your memorable moment; and
  • Three (3) entries for any existing follower who recommends my site to a friend who subsequently becomes a follower - the new follower can email me to let me know you recommended my blog to them).
The contest will run until I get 100 or more followers. If the number of followers grow in a short time, then I will add more American Crafts Products to this Blog Candy Give-Away so everyone has an opportunity to participate and share in the fun.  I am looking forward to the contest and seeing the number of followers on my blog grow, but more so I can't wait to see what stories you share with me.

Okay I will share two memorable moments to get the contest rolling!! During the Christmas holidays of 2009, we awoke to the the beautiful postcard-like scene below.  It was so beautiful. It was early morning after a fresh overnight snowfall  -  everything was covered. It was so magical and my son said it reminded him of the lamp-post in the Chronicles of Narnia movie. Lol! We do so love snow and would love to go snowmobile riding right now! I am afraid that it will have to wait seeming that it is raining right now and most of our snow is gone. I hope it snows soon, we want to go sledding while my son is off from school for the Christmas Break. 

The second picture is of my Dad and I during Christmas of 1993 - it is a funny picture. I was home from college on Christmas Break and what fun we had.  My Dad is a real funny guy and is always making other people laugh! Just thinking about him makes me laugh. Being from a family of 11 there was never a dull moment. Lots of laughter and noise. For anyone who truly knows me, they know that I love to have a good laugh as well and always want to share it with others - so I hope that this picture makes you laugh too!  Believe it or not, that is me in the funny get-up. Lol! My Dad is singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas!" and I had to join in, but had to dress-up silly first. I think that you can see my tonsils in this one! We got a lot of laughs from the family that morning. I guess someone wearing a Christmas bag on her head, glasses on upside-down and their apron on over their lounge coat would make anyone laugh.

Oh how I miss those days! Funny how things changes and how life can make us more serious!  I don't make many New Years resolutions in fear of not of being able to stay true to the task, but this year I am promising myself to be more mellow. To relax a lot more regardless of the situation and to enjoy the moment. Or like my son says, "Chillax!"  I read a story last week in an on-line poll. It said that most folks are not truly happy because they are always planning, looking towards, or wishing for something better in the moment, in the future. It said that if people just lived in the moment rather than in the future than folks would be so much happier.  Even though I am not a "Live In The Moment" kind of person I do agree with this. I see nothing wrong with organizing, planning and being prepared, but maybe it would be so worthwhile, if when the snow falls like it did today (which I wished for) that I would enjoy it in all it's beauty and not wish I was in some tropical place with my sweetie enjoying the sun. Taking the time to enjoy family, friends, and those great in-between moments is what life is meant to be. Taking the time to seize an opportunity to make an everyday moment a remarkable and lasting memory.

I trust that you are all doing well and making some happy memories of your own.

Thanks for popping by and I am looking forward to seeing you here soon.



Sheetal Ahlawat said...

My daughter asked for cookery set as Christmas present from Santa. And Santa granted her wish. She was really happy and we made cookies with her set. On boxing day, when we were browsing through the Accessorize store, she spotted the cookery set and shouted, " Look mum, Santa bought my present from here!" I had to agree with her :)

jintyoo7 said...

what a very sweet post, Dana :o)

Linda said...

Great pic of you and your Dad, Dana. I come from a family of two and I can only imagine teh fun you must have when you are all together. Happy New year.

Message Keeper said...

I am already your follower!

Dawn said...

Become a follower Dana... for me Christmas is always about a BBQ breakfast with the family. This is because Christmas is in summer here in NZ.
can't find any decent photos. but it is fun.

Marie / Legojenta said...

This Christmas, we had my sister and her family over for Christmas. My sisters son is four and a half, and her daughter is nine months old. When we were unwrapping gifts, my nephew insisted that my niece wouldn't be able to open her gifts herself, so he had to open all of them for her! It was quite fun, and his sister didn't mind, she just enjoyed all of the excitement =)

Elizabeth said...

This was my daughters second christmas and we were at my husband's grandmothers house on christmas eve, my daughters very shy even around family and she would only go to his cousin katie (the only girl cousin). When it came time to pass out gifts his grandmother thought it would be fun to let my shy 2 year old pass out presents so with all of us sitting around the tree his grandmother would hand my daughter a present and point and say the name of the person it was for but she always took the present to my husband's cousin katie no matter who it was for....i have never seen my husband or his family laugh so hard in the 3 years we have been together. My daughter had a blast and it was the best christmas yet! Im sure there will be more to come!

Virginia L. said...

How AWEOME of you to have this giveaway! That is a TON of snow you have... I guess that's why they called it here Canada (LOL)!! I have LOTS here, too, but not as much...I love your "silly" photo with your Dad--so fun!

Auntie Em said...

Hey Dana! Followed you over here from Scraptacular Images! Nice blog and great story!
Thank-you for sharing it!

BTW, my resolution is much the same. Life is too short to waste it thinking 'What if...!'

Becky J said...

This past Christmas, our family created some incredible memories. It was our daughters 1st Christmas, one that we'll learn from and also never forget. We didn't have a whole lot of $ to begin with, but we did buy a couple of things for our daughter. A few days before Christmas, we were suprised at the door by 2 angels who gave us a turkey for Christmas, and a huge huge box of food, and some toys for me to wrap for our daughter. I have never experienced anything like that and I am forever grateful. I wanted Christmas to be perfect because of a couple of things...it was my daughters 1st, and it's my favourite holiday of the year. What I learnt is that babies enjoy boxes and paper more than toys, so next year...she just might get that lol...nah. My daughter and I also got to make cookies together...she dug her hands into the bowl with the cookie mix, and the icing bowl and the sprinkle bowl...and it was all caught on camera! A tradition in my family is to go out on Dec 23 around town looking at Christmas lights. Fortunately, we were able to do that this year with our daughter...something we hope to carry on to years in the future. Our daughter also wrote her 1st letter to Santa (with mommy's help of course) I took her into the post office, and she held onto that letter ever so tightly, didn't want to give it to the postal clerk lol. She did get one in reply, and it was just so sweet watching her open her letter from Santa!! So, those are a few of my favourite memories from this past Christmas. The photo is a picture of my daughter in her Christmas Dress...I tried doing a Christmas photo shoot, and it worked!

*I thought I already was a follower, I am now, and I will post this to my blog...and do all the stuff required to* Thanks for the opportunity to win an awesome prize pack, but also to share and read others memories.

My photo is on my blog: http://linkguider.blogspot.com

Trina said...

I'm a new follower, but not for the candy. I came to see what the answer was to the blind dinosaur riddle! :D

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