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June 20, 2011

Haven't Forgotten Father's Day or You!

Hi Everyone:
Just wanted to pop in and say sorry for not posting yesterday like planned. But I am out of commission for a little while. I haven't been feeling well for 2 weeks but kept putting it off to go and see a doctor. Well, with pains in my chest and back on Saturday afternoon and having trouble breathing, I ended up at the After Hours Clinic late Saturday evening. No, I don't have phenomena, but I do have bronchitis. So just taking a break for a couple of days and will be back when I am feeling better. Thanks.



Dorcas said...

Poor thing! I hope you get to feeling better soon! When you get a sec, can you drop me your address so I can send that stuff out to you? No rush though, you just rest up, ok?

Judy1223 said...

Dana, I do hope you feel better soon...rest up, drink plenty of fluids, and above all REST! We'll be awaiting your return...

sheila said...

Oh Dana, I hope that you are feeling well soon and are up and at your crafting table.....I miss your beautiful work. Take care and rest up...bronchitis is nothing to mess with!

Kathy said...

Hi Dana, I hope you are feeling better soon and you can get back to your crafting. I was looking fir you emial ...always seems to be a mixup on my end. You were wondering when you can get PB stamps in Canada? All I know is that Simon says stamp has wonderful shipping for Canada and depending on how much you order it could be free. Hope this helps and I pray you are feeling better. Hugs, Kathy

JeanC said...

Dana, take care of yourself, you know I love ya and I hope to get down to see you this summer. Miss you lots! Jean

Auntie Em said...

Hi Dana! Hope you are feeling better by now! The muggy changeable weather we have been dealing with plus all the pollen in the air this week is really tough on anyone with breathing problems.
Take care!!!

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