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April 3, 2012

Seeing Things Clearly!!

If your looking for the Lily Pad Blog Hop please check this post!

Isn't this guy super cute and funny! Lol. I saw this on FB and thought it was hilarious! But I do want to admit that I don't agree with cruelty to animals and I don't promote placing prescription filled glasses on a cat or any animal for that case. Just thought it was funny!

This is a card that I recently made for a challenge on You Tube at Bethany's Channel. You should check it out because she really has some great give-aways as well.

 Close Up of Colouring & Layering

This is the stamps that I used. A gift from a great friend!

I couldn't get it to link for some reason. Something on my end I am sure. But these are from are from Michael's called  "Animal Clear Stamps".
This was a fun challenge and I am so impressed with the way the STAEDTLER  Triplus Markers worked on this project. Really I am not just saying that because I work for them, but the shading that you see on this project was done with these markers only. No other markers at all!! Just overlapping of colours on top of each other being very careful not to extend each colour to far. Really a great effect. The possibilities are really endless. I so love how this turned out.

This card kind of brings back memories of my kitty that I had when I was 10 who passed away. Haven't had one since and maybe that is the reason. I just want to send a Big Cyber Hug to my great friend Dorcas who just lost her sweet kitty not to long ago.
I am sure it was a terrible day, but just hold on to the good memories sweetie. Thinking of you today. I know some might say "It was just a cat!" Well pish posh I say!  They are family too and we love them so much. Just ask someone who has own one and I am sure that they will tell you the same. I know my cat "Tab" who was named after the soda pop, ( can you remember that! Whew that was years ago! Lol.) he was special to me and some days when I see a black & white cat I still remember him and the love he brought to me. So I guess this card is dedicated to all you cat lovers too!

I hope that I have inspired you today to create with regular markers. You can see how the colours have a bleeding effect on the cat portion. Well that was because regular markers soak into the watercolour paper faster than regular cardstock. It really is a cool effect. Okay I am gonna stop now and get ready for bed.

Take care everyone! I want to extend a Huge Welcome to all of those who are new followers here at Reliving Tomorrow. Thanks so much for being here and I pray that in some way I can inspire, challenge, and bless you. Until next time.

Hugs & Blessings


onecraftymama said...

I completely agree with you - anyone who thinks "it's just a cat" has never had one! I love your project - and I think I have those stamps somewhere...I must go dig them out! love your colouring. You manage to give it so much dimension :)

Maureen Morton said...

This is adorable and I love the bright colors, even if they do bleed - it is a good look here. Those little charms you made for the corner are too nifty! Great design, Dana.

Auntie Em said...

Heh,heh,heh...OK, so I have to admit I am not really a cat person but I love this little feller! The charms are so cute dangling from the twine. Great colours! :)

And maybe the eyeglasses weren't prescription so the cat didn't really mind.. He just thinks they make him look smarter! :D

I have a set of the Staedtler markers that I purchased about 8 or 9 years ago and they still work great. Awesome markers!

Brenda said...

Love the way you clouded the kitty but I am really impressed with the little "tags" hanging off the twine! Very very cute Dana!

Jerusha said...

Hi Dana! So nice to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by my blog! We don't usually have guest designers at Clear Dollar Stamps but the design team spots are only four months. Let me know if you are interested we would beyond love to have you on the team!

Laura Jane said...

The CAT is a HOOT!!

Karen B. said...

Such a fabulous cute card! The cat cracks me up!

Dorcas said...

Awwww thanks for the kind thoughts Dana. I'm doing ok, my other cat (of 11 years) and 19 ducks keep me on my toes.:)
I really love the tag ring you made with the cats toys, thats a really cool idea. Great card!!

Karin (PeppermintPatty) said...

This is ADORABLE - so super cute!!
Hope you had a wonderful Easter, hugs, Karin

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