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January 27, 2013

Where To Start!

 I know that your all wondering where I have been right! Lol. Well Christmas was
 great with family but after the New Year we all became really sick with a nasty
  flu virus. We are on the mend now and finally getting back to our old selves. My
 Christmas decorations are still not down. Yes I know! Time to get it down.
 We are doing it this afternoon actually. Things have been extremely busy here
 now that school is back in session but it has been a very slow process
 with us both not feeling well. I had so many things that needed working
 on and changing for this New Year, and like this devotion below
 states, I turned around and January was more than half over.
 I sat down  to my table and held my head in my hands feeling extremely overwhelmed
 and not sure if I had what it took to get the old gusteo back again. With other things
 in my life having more importance and family life needing more of my time
 and focus, my creative life had walked out the door. Some of you may
 have noticed that I didn't share a Clear Dollar Stamps Release this month
 and that is because I needed to take a break from creating for Design Team
 My need to create for commitments when my mojo was very low,  made it such a
 chore  to do and not enjoyable like normally. Don't get me wrong design team work is
 amazing  and such a blessing, but when other things need to be completed and you
 know that your creating with only half your heart, you know your not being fair to the   
team and yourself. So in saying that, I have decided to take a break from design team
work and  Guest Design work. My goal is to only create when I have the time and to do
 it without no obligations. To create for me and to really enjoy the process. Now if my
 creations fit into some contest where I can win more supplies than fine, but  if not, no
 big deal! 

 So there will be times when there will be post that share cards and layouts. Other times
 there may be other crafts shared, or maybe just some encouragement for the day. Then
 there will be days that I am just having a break from blogging & working on other
 home projects.......such has the book that I am writing. I know that this is where God
 wants my focus right now, but other things that I love to do seems to get in the way.
 Like I was reminded by a sermon by our Pastor during a summer service, the things
 we love are not bad, but sometimes we need to place those things to the side and focus
 on what God is calling us to do. So I guess that is what is in front of me right now,
 Homeschooling, and writing!! And if creating happens in between then that is great
 and if not, no big  deal.
 So there you have it! I hope that you plan to stick around and if not that is okay too. I
 pray that you will be blessed with the inspiration of others and also that your New Year
 is off to a great start with loads of focus and goals that are being met.

 Okay I am off to take down my Christmas Tree. Lol.

 Dana ..... Just wanted to share this word of encouragement below.


The New Year comes and we have high hopes. Yet soon after the ball drops our expectations can too.
Reality hits and our good intentions can be
dashed with one question:
 What do I do next? We look around and the possibilities can be   overwhelming. So we freeze. Then life gets busy and
before we know it the pages of the calendar have turned.
 But it can be different for you. What do you do? The next
 thing. Solomon, that wise king, said this: "Whatever your
 hand finds to do, do it with all your might" Eccl. 9:10.
 Here's what I think is the smartest part: If it's something
 your hands find to do it means it's right in front of you.
 What's right in front of you today? That's where you start.
 Stretch out your hands, open your heart and do one little
 thing. Just the next thing. You've got five minutes. Ready set go...
- Devotional encouragement by Holley Gerth
 For more words of hope and encouragement from Holley, visit
 her blog Heart to Heart with Holley and subscribe to receive free
 devotional emails.


Auntie Em said...

That is a lovely bit of encouragement. Thanks for sharing it.
Hope you are doing OK and staying nice and cozy. It's been so cold!!!
I have been thinking of you and hope you are feeling OK. We need to get together for some scrapping.

Dawn Turley said...

I've been thinking about you Dana and looking to see if you have been on Skype same time as me. But sadly not! You need totals time out and regenerate and we all understand that. This weekend I've been away with NO crafty stuff not even a mag.... You will get back into it when the time is right. Take care of youself.
Hugs Dawn

Loly Borda-Towery said...

Thanks for sharing it. I understand how your feel, we will be here any time you have something to share.
Many blessings.

paula laird said...

Hi Dana, I know exactly where you are coming from. I think we all go through these periods where we have to sit back & say "I love this......but I need to take a break & concentrate on what is important to me right now" We will always be here for you. Hope you are all feeling better & if it helps my Christmas tree is still up (too much rain to take it down) & decorated.

Don't sweat the petty stuff & don't pet the sweaty stuff ;o)

Huge hugs to you xoxoxoxo

Maureen Morton said...

Ah, dear friend.....we all have times of illness, stress and lack of energy. Don't beat yourself up. Your family is your priority.......don't worry about the rest. Glad you checked in - was starting to wonder. Take care and you have my heart!

Robin K. said...

I absolutely love your post Dana! You should never feel like you have to apologize for times when you just aren't "feeling it" with respect to creating- we've all been there:). I, for one, will look forward to seeing whatever it is and whenever you choose to share on your blog! Big Hugs, Robin :)

Judy1223 said...

Dana, sorry I missed this post, I have been thinking about you! I hope you are all feeling better and that you have been able to get some decorations put away at this point! I think we have all been through times like this...I think I check out of blogland every May when family committments reach their peak! Family first...always. Do what brings you joy, and if it involved blogging we will be here! Take good care, my friend!

Greta said...

So much of what you write could have been written by me, Dana. I constantly feel the struggle to keep perspective & balance in my life. For me--creating is easy to do & let other obligations go by the way, especially with not having kids. I can completely relate to Christmas decorations not put away for weeks & I wasn't sick! Wishing you peace & joy in 2013.

Greta said...

So much of what you write could have been written by me, Dana. I constantly feel the struggle to keep perspective & balance in my life. For me--creating is easy to do & let other obligations go by the way, especially with not having kids. I can completely relate to Christmas decorations not put away for weeks & I wasn't sick! Wishing you peace & joy in 2013.

Stamping With Bibiana said...

this is so very special, thanks for sharing and yes we all go through phases and need a little bit of reminders...thanks gain

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