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July 8, 2010

Anniversary Wishes

Well yesterday I was meaning to share a card with you but, seeming it was my 14th Wedding Anniversary and my hubby was off from work, it didn't happen.  We did some family things and later in the day went out for dinner.  I was so happy to have him greet me with a kiss and a dozen of red roses. Wow! A dozen! I have had roses before but not a dozen! They are beautiful!

And another pic of these beauties!!!

I can't believe that it is 14 years and I wonder often where the time as gone! I won't deny that we have had a few bumps along the way, but I can honestly say that we are just as in love as what we were first when we started dating. He is an amazing man with so many good qualities, but one of the most important to me, is him being a good Dad!  I know this to be very true! I am so grateful and so blessed to have him in my life and thank God daily for his love and devotion to our marriage and to our family.  In a world where marriage seems to be falling apart and appears to have less value, I am proud that we have come this far.  God is a major part of our marriage and it is because of our faith that we can celebrate this day. Thanks Babe for all you do and continue to do, to be the leader  of our home. Love you so much!  ( Yes, he does follow my blog and is a supporter!  He is the one who is helping me to give this blog a face-lift!)

I normally give my hubby a store bought card but this year I felt that I should make him one myself. I had some thinking to do with this card because I normally don't make masculine cards. And this one had to have a romantic feel to it as well. I have made male cards before but they have been whimsical but nothing like this! I am so proud of myself for giving this a try. I am so happy with how it turned out, but most importantly I am happy about my hubby's response when I gave it to him! He said that it was beautiful and he was touched bye the words, which I won't share! Lol! Maybe he is being bias! Lol! He probably would have said the same thing if it was a card made from a tissue box because he is always supportive! Lol! Anyway, I had fun making it and was happy that it made his day!

I am so happy that you came to visit and hope you will come back tomorrow. I have so many things that I need to get ready to share, but I seem to be so slow. Must be all of this hot weather. Check back next week because I have some fun Summer/Luau Party Ideas to share with you. Ideas to help make your summer parties interesting! I trust that you are all having a great summer and that you are making many amazing memories to remember for years to come.

Hugs & Blessings


Dorcas said...

Congratulations to both of you!!:-)
Your card looks beautiful and so do the roses. By the way, I LOVE your blogs facelift, so cheerful and sunny and I think the child/adult pics of you really tie in the title of your blog. Keep It!

Dwight Colbourne said...

Hey there Babe!!!

First and above everything else, I LOVE YOU.

Yes, 14 years. Who would have ever imagined that a "simple pen" that signed our connection would have brought us so far and so deeply deeply in love. BTW... the last time I checked the pen was still completely full of ink.

Yes time has so moved so swiftly bye and to be honest (like I always am - so I am not sure why I would say those words to you sweetheart) that is what scares me. The first 14 have gone bye too quickly, and I know the next and many more will go bye even faster. I am not sure what the years ahead have in store, but I do know that I will fall in love with you more and more, and still wish for more.

BTW...the bill for the blog work is in the mail. Please note my interest rate on overdue bills is very high... they are design that way when it comes to you for a specific reason. Just kidding.

Love you Sweetheart and awesome work!!!

Deedee Anderson said...

Dana, I am so very hubby for the two of you!!! Congratulations on your first 14 years together -- I am praying for so many more for you! I couldn't help but see your hubby's wonderful words of love to you here, and may I just say it brought tears to my eyes to see a man willing to share so openly how much he clearly adores his wife. He must be very special, but then what should I expect when you are such a special lady! Your card to him is AWESOME!!! I am sure he is going to treasure it -- like he treasures you -- always. Congratulations again, Sweetie! May God bless your love and may it always burn as brightly as it does today. Hugs, Deedee

Virginia L. said...

Happy belated 14th anniversary, Dana! Wish you all the best and many more :)

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