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July 26, 2010

Wishing You A Sweet Summer

Today is another beautiful summer day, but this day brings a nice cool, well deserved breeze! Thaaaaaank Yooou Lord! With the weather being so hot, and the need to stay cool first in our minds, eating a nice cold yummy treat always helps to do the trick. I can remember growing up and my Mom always making our own cold treats. She would always fill up these Tupperware ice cube trays with fruit juice and they had these cool little sticks that had flowers on them.  We thought it was the coolest thing! (Pardon the pun! Lol!)  We seriously thought it was the best but nowadays, kids would rather opt for Dairy Queen. Well to be honest, I would too! Lol! But no matter how great Dairy Queen ice cream taste I would never trade those memories of when we helped my Mom mix the juice and then pour it into the trays. Our anticipation would drive her crazy ! We would ask, what seemed like every five or ten minutes, if the treats were frozen yet! Lol! She would always laugh and say that we needed to wait longer. Everyone knows that this is not the answer that a kid is waiting for right!  The best part was all the fun and laughter we shared on those hot summer days making those cool treats.

With times changing, everyone being so busy, and everything being at our fingertips, we sometimes get caught up in the newest things, latest fads, and keeping up with the Jones!  I long for those days of old, when time spent together wasn't just watching the clock so you could get your kid to bed, our out the door, but a opportunity to actually take your time and enjoy the person your with.  The time together is always special.  My son often says that we always seem to rush him and he is right! My goal for the remainder of this year, is not to keep asking "Is it done yet?" rushing the process, like I did when my Mom and I made those cool yummy treats, but to wait patiently, do what needs to be done. And when the waiting is through, the end result will be well worth the wait.

Trusting that in your lives today that you are enjoying each other. That those times when life seems so crazy that you will pause for a few moments.  Relax and maybe sit and enjoy a nice cool ice cream. During the eating process you will not rush but enjoy every bit and think that life can be viewed through looking at and eating a cool summer treat!

The card I made for this post is using digital images from Deedee's Digis store and is called "Taste & See" and can be found here.  Remember you receive a Free Gift with a $10.00 purchase. Check it out!

I had so much fun making this card.  I was so happy the day that we went to the Mall and I came across this scrapbooking paper.  I told my hubby that I just had to have it because it matched so well with Deedee's Image and he just laughed.  I know that we are on a budget but just had to have it and lucky for me the paper pad was only $ 9.00  Someone must have been looking down on me that day because I haven't been buying a lot of supplies lately, but so wanted this one. So I got this paper and I am so happy that I did because it compliments this sweet little girl and her ice cream so well. 

And side view to show detail.

Supply List:

Pattern Paper & Ice Cream Sticker: Momenta
Cardstock: Recollections, SU & The Paper Company,
Colouring Pencils: Crayola Watercolour Pencils, Gel Pen: Signo
Ribbon: Daisy D, Brads & Bling: Dollarama

Just wanted to share a little about something that I have been working on for the past few days.  I have been involved with sending cards to the Cards For Kids campaign that is organized by Jennifer McGuire and her team for the past year or so.  I needed to get some cards made and out before the end of this month. So Deedee of Deedee's Digis had asked if the team members had a request for images. I truly believe that this was my opportunity to share my heart with her and the need to have images that could be used quickly to make a bunch of cards.  I was elated when she produced not one image, but twelve in honor of those kids who are sick with Cancer or other terminal diseases.  I was so blessed that I had actually cried, but it gets better. She is selling these images at her store with all proceeds going to the National Childhood Cancer Foundation. Wow what a wonderful gesture!
To read more about why Deedee decided to do this read her post on her blog here. Be sure to check it out because she is giving away a set of these for her Blog Candy! Check my sidebar to see this amazing set.

Cancer has touched the lives of so many and the need for a cure is stronger than ever before, so why not purchase "Cuties for a Cure" and show your support.  Please check back in tomorrow when I will be revealing some of my cards made with this set. Throughout the remainder of this month I will be sharing some cards that I made for this worthy cause. Be sure to check my sidebar or the link above to find out all the info to participate in Cards For Kids.

Sorry this post was so long.  It was suppose to go out yesterday, but due to a delay, I had to combine yesterday and today's post. I will try not to do this again!  Hoping that you will drop by again to see some yummy eye candy! 

Hugs & Blessings


Anonymous said...

What an incredible card, Dana! I love how bright and cheerful it is, and your FANTASTIC coloring. You are right, those papers work so beautifully with this image -- just perfect! Thank you for sharing your sweet childhood memories of summer. I make those juice pops with my kids, still, and get the same reaction -- "Are they ready yet?" every 5 minutes -- LOL! It's one of my favorite things about summer -- getting to do these kinds of special things with my kids. Thanks for the reminder about how important it is to take the time and not just do everything the easiest way -- like going through the drive-thru at DQ! I'm so glad that you like the new Cuties for a Cure set -- it was an honor to get to draw these and I appreciate knowing that they will be used by you for such important work. You are a blessing, sweetie! Hugs, Deedee

Dorcas said...

You have a very sweet, kind heart, Dana. :-) I know you will make a lot of people happy with your cards.
I too remember the Tupperware popsicles! LOL And you're right. You HAD to have that paper pack cos it does go so perfectly!! Great job!

MiamiKel said...

Dana, what a beautiful post - I'm getting teary just reading it and the dedication and thought that went behind making your card ~ and it is a really a very special cause! I am so glad you are a part of it, too ~ your card is amazing and beautifully colored, and yes, the paper is perfect! x0x0

Sandy said...

What a great sentimental post! My mom use to use the Tupperware popsicle containers too. She would put all kinds of things in them, Lemonade, Kool-aid, pudding, jello, you name it...we tried it. I have a set that I make our daughter some with but this summer we got out the old fashion ice cream maker and that has been alot of fun.

Your card is absolutely as cute as can be! I love the colors and how it all pops! The popsicle paper and then the added popsicle embellishment pull the card together beautifully!

I love it!

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