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November 10, 2010

Where Will You Be On The 11th Month, 11th Day and at the 11th Hour?

Lest We Forget
Will for my family and I, we will be attending a community ceremony to celebrate, honour and remember those who have played an important role in the freedom that we enjoy from day to day.  So many of us have been touched one way or another by war.  Maybe it is through a connection with someone who fought years ago, or maybe it is knowing family members or friends who are in the military now.  Whatever the case, there will be many whose hearts will be heavy and some memories will be sad and some happy. I think now of my own family and how my own nephew just got back from overseas just this past spring.  It is so sad to hear how he witnessed the death of a friend and now lives with that terrible memory each day.  When so many have died in battle it isn't difficult to ask the question why these things happen!  Some people dispute the fact that our soldiers are in foreign lands in harms way  - fighting for a war that isn't even theirs to fight.  Well that maybe be true, maybe not!  Whatever the case they are still away from family and friends. They are still in danger, still trying to make a difference in the lives of others and still needing our love, prayers, and support.  I want to thank these brave men and women who have fought and many who have died, so that I may even have the freedom to share with you through this blog.  So on a day that is so important to so many, why not attend a community event to honour the men and women who have died for your country.

In honour and respect for these men and women, my son's school had asked me to come and help them make Remembrance Day Cards to share with some of the War Veterans in our community.  I was so inspired to see how much these young kids really enjoyed the craft, but more so I was so touched by the stories that they shared and how proud they sounded when talking about their relatives. Something to be proud of indeed!  So here is a sample of the card that the class made. Here is the one that I made and has you can see it is made with construction paper. For anyone wanting the pattern for this Poppy Flower just leave me a comment with your email addy and I will send you the pdf file.  The flower can be any size, I wanted it to be front and center stage and that is why it is large in size.

I wanted to take this time to say a Big Thank You to my own family members who have been on several missions. They are more brave than what I could ever be and for this bravery I am honoured to call them my family. I also wanted to share this video with you as well.  It is just a reminder for us Canadians of the sacrifice that so many of our military men and women have made to protect our country and others abroad.  Thank you so much for stopping bye. And may this Remembrance Day be an opportunity for us all to think about our blessings and to hold our love ones a little tighter.


Hugs & Blessings

1 comment:

Jingle said...

Your card is really beautiful!

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