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February 12, 2011

Yes! I Am Still Here!

Hi Everyone:
I guess some of you are wondering what happened to me because I haven't posted in so long! Well to be honest the mojo is running really low these days, but that isn't the real reason I haven't posted. I actually have hurt my knee and I am not sure how. I actually have been having some problems with it lately but all of a sudden I couldn't stand on it without pain. Then if I were to sit it would hurt. So I got it checked out with the Doc and she found a lump above the knee joint. She says it is nothing to worry about and that lots of folks get fatty lumps and just to start walking more. So I took her advice and started to go back to my Nordic Walking and it seems to have made it worst. So now I am just trying to stay off it and get the swelling down. I think it is time for another visit to the see the Doc again!  Oh what fun!  Lol!

I did want to share some things with you today and hopefully inspire you with a card.  First of all I want to take this time to share some wonderful news. Both my Dad and my father-in-law have not been feeling well and have been in our prayers constantly. These two men are very import people to us and we love them dearly. A life without either would be so terrible.  They both have been waiting for reports back from their doctors and the waiting can be so stressful at times. We are all happy to know that the dreadful C word didn't rear it's ugly head and we are praising God for this answer to prayer. It is funny how life can throw us some curve balls and we wonder how will we ever get through it. Later though we can look back at it and see that we did. We survived and lived to see another day. One filled with many blessings and positive attitudes. It is those times that we are so grateful for God's strength and for the support of family and friends.

Recently I made a Sympathy card to share with a special lady whose husband just passed away. He was an employee from the company Hero Arts and passed away not to long ago. All of us in our Hero Arts Flickr group were so sad for the company and it's workers, but especially for his wife.  With lots of love and care in our group it wasn't surprising to see lots of cards compiled for this family and for his co-workers. Cancer was the culprit and though Mike is no longer with us, I am more than sure that is life will live on in the memories of those who knew him and loved him.  I don't normally make cards of sympathy. Not because I don't like to make them but because my heart just pours out sadness when I write my message on the inside. I am not one to rely on premade sentiments to say how I am feeling or how I want to encourage someone. But sometimes I find myself wiping away tears because I just can't imagine what that person on the other side of the card must be going through. My heart goes out to Mike's wife has Valentine's Day is one where she will be without him and I know it will be so tough. So for those of you who pray and believe in the power that goes with it, could you say a prayer for Bridget. That she will be provided with strength for this time and the days ahead. 

It is so important to love while we live, to hug when we still can, and to smile even when our circumstance dictates that we should frown. It is those times that we have inspired someone else to keep on living, to feel loved and appreciated, and to pass it on.

 The stamps used in this card are the following: Old Letter Writing, Ivy Wreath, and the Flutterbies Kit. The sentiment by Stampin Up' is so touching  and can really be all that you need to say that you care. But for me, I always add my own message to make it more personal.  Hope that you are inspired!

I trust that you are all doing great and enjoying this winter season. We have had so much snow that it is starting to pile up and become dangerous.  So yes, I few good days of sunshine to get outside and have some fun in it would be great. Wonderful time to go snowshoeing and skiing that is for sure!  We were suppose to go to a winter resort this weekend to do some snowshoeing but that didn't happen due to the whole knee thing, but praying that it will happen next weekend. It really must happen next weekend because it is Winter Carnival time here in our town and we dont' want to miss out on the fun! Lol!

Just wanted to remind you of a couple of things before I sign off. Make sure to check out the Hero Arts button on my sidebar to check out the latest contest and submit for your chance to win a $50 dollar gift prize. Wouldn't that be wonderful! I want to encourage you to check out my Blog Candy to. It is still up for grabs! You don't have to share a story if you dont' have one, but if you become a follower that would be great! I am trying to get some work completed on a special project, so hold on tight because there are some fun things coming up soon. I will be in the process of changing my blog as well, so if you see things go wonky in the next few days don't fret! It is just my hubby and I changing things up and adding some other fun things.

Have fun this Valentine's Day weekend and show that special someone you love just how important they are to you. Not just on this special day but every day! 

God Bless & Take Care


Dorcas said...

THis is SUCH a BEAUTIFUL sympathy card, Dana!! Wonderful!
I'm so sorry to hear about your knee trouble but glad to hear your Dad and Dad in law are ok.
Nice to see you back, Dana!

Sue said...

I am sorry to hear that you are in Pain Dana. I do hope it can be resolved soon. You have made a beautiful card here, I love the colours and the butterflies are just exquisite.

Judy1223 said...

Dana, so nice to see you back! I am sorry to hear about your recent knee problems, but I am so happy to hear that your father and father-in-law are OK. Sympathy cards are always hard for me, too, but I must say yours is beautiful. Looking forward to the "special project" you have in store for us...I'm sure it will be fabulous! Take good care!

Jill said...

My friend, I am sooo sorry you've been having trouble with your knee! Hope it is better ASAP! Your card is beautiful. Love the butterflies and the muted color scheme. I am sure it will be comfort to its recipient. HUGS!!!

Dawn said...

Hi Dana... what a beautiful card and that sentiment is just perfect at times like this.
I've got Linda R to add you to Die Cut Diva's members blog list.... and I've added you to my reader board.....

Virginia L. said...

So happy that your Dad's and FIL's test results are fine (praise the Lord!!). I love the sympathy card that you made...so much thoughts and care went into it! I love the white dots in all of them and the color details are amazing! Sorry that I don't comment as much as I used to...you know me about working, right!? BIG hugs to you!!

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