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March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Graphic For Myspace

Well the sun is shining and the wind is cool. A beautiful day here in my little part of the world. Believe it or not things are starting to look green and just in time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Though I am not from a Catholic background or boast to know much of the Saints, I am of Irish desendants/ancestory and love the fact that some of my Newfie dialect and slang come from Ireland.  Ever since I can remember I have always dreamed of going away on a trip to Ireland. I can remember during the Christmas season there would be a commercial on the t.v. showing cruises with Anna McGoldrick. I would always tell my Mom, " I would love to go to Ireland and kiss the Blarney Stone." She would just laugh at me. Lol. I loved the "Irish Rovers" and loved their song "Black Velvet Band" And I could belt out the words to "Danny Boy" like there was no tomorrow. Lol. Yes, to go to Ireland that was the dream of a 10 year old girl! Lol. Wow how things change. At that age my kid was only thinking about if he would be getting a new Nintendo DS! Lol. I'll be 40 in a few months and I still have that same dream. And why would I not? Just look at these pics I found on Google Images. They are stunning!

This is just breath taking! To be able to walk the cobblestone path along the stone walls and just enjoy the beauty. Now what a walk that would be. I always loved those thatched roof homes and to be able to visit one would be amazing.

Oh my!  Just imagine having breakfast overlooking these beautiful grounds with that country breeze on your face and the smell of those stunning flowers tickling your noise. This would really be a dream come true.   Oh to be able to share this with my hubby and to just have the time to explore & enjoy each other's company would be so romantic and a dream come true! Sorry I am gettting all sentimental now. Well you can't go to a place like this without sharing it with someone you love, and he's the one for me! Lol.

I always loved the movie "P.S. I love you!" and to be able to see Ireland for the majestic views and to go fishing with all of those lush green hills around me! Yes, that would be astounding. Sorry, but this Newfie gal still likes to fish and being raised in a fishing community, having a Dad who was a fisherman, only makes me love it even more. It is in my blood I guess! Some gals would wrinkle up their nose just thinking about fishing, but not me. I miss it soooo much. I really loved the days when my hubby and I use to go ice fishing. Oh my! The fun and the laughter! Always a great time. That movie always makes me want to visit Ireland even more.

To be able to stay in a quaint little village like this and to mingle with the folks, to explore and to shop in the markets. Oh it would be an amazing adventure.

This really reminds me of some parts of Newfoundland really. Like the colours of the houses and the rolling hills. Maybe I just miss home too. Lol. Dont' think that I would be painting my house pink any time soon. Lol. This really looks like an inviting place to visit that's for sure.

Hopefully my dream will come true some day and I will get to show you my very own pictures of my trip. Until then I will just keep dreaming and trying to reach this goal. Praying that today is a day filled with much love & happiness. Wishing you all the happiest of St.Patrick Days'.

Hugs & Blessings


Judy1223 said...

Hi Dana! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! I love the pics you found on Google...I've been to Ireland and I saw many similar scenes, just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Barb said...

your blog looks great! i too dream of visiting ireland someday. i am in love the romance, history and my own connection to the place. my family (Murphy) originates from County Kerry...I hope to meet my distant family someday. and, you're right, newfoundland is the next best thing, but quite possibly canada's best spot on it's own. beautiful province, wonderful people...present company included :) xx

Maureen Morton said...

What sweet childhood dreams, Dana - thanks for sharing them, and these lovely picture,s with us. Hugs!

Dorcas said...

Beautiful pictures, Dana! And youre right, a lot of Ireland and the northern islettes of Scotland remind me of Newfoundland and fill you with that same "heart full of yearning " feeling. Gorgeous.

sleeplesswonder said...

Hi Dana,
I am a new follower, I found you through Youtube, you entered a giveaway and won, wtg. :) I am a subscriber to your channel now too, love the videos I have seen. :)
Now before you go think I am some crazy stalker lol. The whole reason I clicked on you and then became a follower and is first of all I am a Newfie too. :) For down on the Burin Pennisula, where are you located? I am always looking for fellow Newfoundland crafters. And secondly I love your work. :)
You can come check out my page if you want as well.
Melissa D

sleeplesswonder said...

Thanks for the prayers, Dana. My dad is home now finally. :)
I have a youtube channel, but have never uploaded a video, I am just to nervous and shy, lol. Not shy in person though lol. i do want to try and make a video, but have no idea where to start.
Melissa D

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