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December 18, 2012

Digi Stamp Repair

Hi Everyone:

Just wanted to pop in here to share with you a quick way to fix a digital stamp mistake. This was suppose to be posted yesterday but due to my changing my blog template, I ran into some technical difficulties. But it got resolved and it's all good now! Lol. So here is something that I learned while making a card recently. So when it happened I thought, why not take pics and show how to fix it in a tutorial. So you see, the bad can always be turned into something good. Lol. I am so glad that it did! Hope that it is helpful.  

Now some of you may have already figured this out, but for me, if I made a mistake on something wither it was a digital stamped image or a wooden stamped image, it would get tossed into the trash can. Well time is precious and I put a lot of hard work into colouring this card that I made and couldn't see myself throwing it out. Solution- restamp, colour, glue over top of first image. Simple enough right! This is what I came up with.
So this is what it looked like in the beginning.
I was going for country looking colours, but it didn't work. The colours were way to dark.
So I needed to colour the dresses again.Embarrassed smiley face animated emoticonSo a lighter purple and blue would work much better I think and not the colour you see in the picture above or to the side. 
Reading Instructions: Print out Digital Stamp on watercolour paper & colour the pieces that need repair. ( I thought the type in the balloon was big enough. Sorry! My Bad!! )
So colour the image again adding
shading and highlights.
Once the pieces are coloured, cut out and glue to the area needing repair. Use a good sturdy glue, like glossy accents or Tombo Mono Glue. Make sure to cover the entire area. Make sure to smooth out to the very end of the edge of the piece your repairing or you will have a edge that will be raised. It will not look like the original stamped image. You will need it to lay flat. It might help to lay an heavy object over top so it dries evenly. Hope that makes sense.
I still like the darker colours better, but due to the fact that those colours were not copic or a water base marker they dried very dark. Not the look I was going for. Maybe that will be something that ends up under my tree this Christmas. I asked for blend able markers. Let's see if I was good enough to get them this year. Lol. Anyway, the pieces were glued over top of the first stamped image and it looks like nothing never happened right!  I love this stamp set and hope to try using it again and yes, with a better choice of country colours. I love country style, decor and things, and this digital stamp set reminds me of that. You can purchase it here at the Clear Dollar Stamps store. It is a great stamp with so many possibilities. Just wanted to also share that Clear Dollar Stamps is having a huge sale on it's rubber stamps. 60% off all Clear Acrylic Stamps. WOWZERS!!! Check it out! You won't want to miss this amazing deal. 
I trust that this tutorial will be helpful to you when you have a frustrated creating moment. Thanks for dropping bye and I trust that your will on your way for being prepared for the big day. Well, my carpets are almost all cleaned/shampooed and my tree is up waiting to be decorated. I was suppose to do it on the 16th but I was way too tired. It was my birthday and we had company in to help celebrate. I just had to go to bed early because it was getting late. So my tree sits sadly waiting to be noticed. Lol. Well it will be done tonight, even if it is the last thing I do!! Lol. Okay gotta go!
Until next time....
Take Care & God Bless


paula said...

Dana what a great tutorial. I really like both images.

Maureen Morton said...

What a great lesson you have shared! You are so helpful. I always tell my crafting friends that there are NO mistakes with crafting - we can always salvage it. Love these dear little angels. Hope you have a delightful Christmas - sending lots of good wishes and hugs!

Dawn Turley said...

Love the new look Dana. And great save to your card. I like the way you did the save.

Auntie Em said...

Merry Christmas Dana to you and your family! I hope you are having a wonderful day and enjoying the season. I am sorry I wasn't over to comment sooner but for some reason it's been really busy around here. hehehe!
Hope to see you sometime soon! {{{Hugs}}}

BTW...great tutorial and clever fix. Thanks for sharing! :)

Barb said...

great idea! this tip is going to save me MUCHO frustration!!! :)

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